• 3600 sq. ft. secured facility
  • 1500 sq. ft. office space
  • Electronics prototyping lab
  • Machine shop
  • Fluorescence lab
  • Microscopy lab
  • Holographic forensics lab
  • Wet lab for chemical processing and tests
  • one secured, fully equipped optical labs with an assortment of optical mounts and optics
  • Specialized fiber optics and mounts
  • Liquid crystal light modulators and valves
  • UV blocked lighting for work with UV sensitive materials
  • HI-2400 hologram origination system
  • HI-1200 hologram origination system
  • Electroforming system
  • Vacuum evaporation coating system
  • Short run hard embosser
  • Spectroradiometer
  • Parker/OMS motion control systems with several sizes and types of stages
  • Galil servo control system
  • UV photolithography system
  • HeCd, HeNe, UV diode, and YAG lasers
  • Avtech nanosecond waveform generator
  • Data acquisition systems and software
  • Machine Vision cameras, software and hardware
  • Convenient and presentation-ready conference room and technical library
  • Proximity to Spokane International Airport and Fairchild AFB
  • UV recombing systems lab
  • Temprature controlled, Clean lab for Scanning Electron Beam

Software Development

  • Delphi
  • C#
  • C/C++
  • Embedded systems

NLI has done or is doing collaborative research with:

SBIR projects completed:

  • NSF Phase IIb, DMI-9502815, "A Three-Dimensional Holographic Hardcopy Printer"
  • BMDO Phase I, DASG60-98-M-0085, "A New Reconfigurable, Compact, Fault-Tolerant, Very High-Speed, FPGA-Based Image Processing Architecture"
  • SDIO Phase I, SDIO92-016, "Efficient, Low-mass Spectrum Separating Concentrator for Photovoltaic Power in Space"
  • NASA Phase I, "Improved Genetic Algorithm for Planning, Scheduling an Optimization"

Commercial development contracts

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