Dichromated Gelatin & Silver Halide Gelatin References

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The following bibliography is taken from the Table of Contents of Selected Papers on Holographic Recording Materials, SPIE Optical Engineering Press, SPIE Milestone Series Vol. MS 130, 1996, ed. Hans Bjelkhagen. It lists an excellent cross-section of published papers relating to DCG and the related process of "SHG" (Silver Halide Gelatin).

Dichromated Gelatin Materials

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  • 272 The mechanism of volume hologram formation in dichromated gelatin
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  • 301 Spectral sensitization of dichromated gelatin
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  • 304 Hologram formation with red light in methylene blue sensitized dichromated gelatin
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  • 307 Methods of increasing the sensitivity of methylene blue sensitized dichromated gelatin
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  • 309 Red sensitivity of dichromated gelatin films
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  • 313 Processing of holograms recorded in methylene blue sensitized gelatin
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  • 318 Methylene blue sensitized dichromated gelatin holograms: a new electron donor for their improved photosensitivity
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  • 328 Red sensitive dichromated gelatin: investigations on the influence of some parameters on diffraction efficiency
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  • 332 Recording of effective holograms on dichromated gelatin with pulsed laser radiation
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  • 334 Study of nontanned dichromated-gelatin layers for hologram recording by cw and pulsed laser radiation
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  • 338 Conceptual design and practical implementation of dichromated gelatin films as an optimal holographic recording material for large format holograms
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  • 349 Control of DCG and non silver holographic materials
    Richard D. Rallison (in International Symposium on Display Holography, T.H. Jeong, editor, 1991)
  • 361 Recording of deep volume holograms in gel-like layers of dichromated Gelatin
    Yu.N. Denisyuk, N.M. Ganzherli, I.A. Mauer Technical Physics Letters 1995)
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  • 383 Recording of high quality color holograms
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  • 388 Full color holograms recorded in methylene blue sensitized dichromated Gelatin
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SHSG Processing for Converting SH Holograms to DCG-type Holograms

  • 392 Phase holograms formed by silver halide (sensitized) gelatin processing
    William R. Graver, James W. Gladden, John W. Eastes (Applied Optics 1980)
  • 400 Mechanism for forming a microvoid structure and methods for obtaining silver-halide gelatin holograms
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  • 405 The volume reflection SHG holograms: principles and mechanism of microcavity structure formation
    Yu.E. Usanov, M.K. Shevtsov (in Holographic Imaging and Materials, T.H. Jeong, editor, 1993)
  • 410 Storage mechanism of volume phase holograms recorded in silver halide emulsions
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  • 417 Silver-halide sensitized gelatin derived from Agfa-Gevaert holographic plates
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  • 422 Silver halide sensitized gelatin as a holographic recording material
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  • 430 Dichromated gelatinósome heretical comments
    Nicholas J. Phillips, Richard D. Rallison, Christopher A. Barnett, Scott R. Schicker, Zane A. Coleman (in Practical Holography VII: Imaging and Materials, S.A. Benton, editor, 1993)

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