Dot Matrix Hologram Mastering Services

Dot-matrix holograms are used for both security and decorative purposes. Because they are designed on computer, dot matrix holograms offer the end-user greater design flexibility than more traditional forms of holography.

Dot-matrix holograms can be used for:

  • Security Badges, ID Cards, Product Authentication, Legal Documents
  • Boxes, Giftwrap, Packaging
  • Letterhead, Envelopes, Business Cards
  • Direct Mail, Point of Purchase Displays, Magazine Inserts
  • Childrens Toys, Novelties, Promotional Items
... and many other applications

Dot-matrix holograms consist of millions of tiny diffraction gratings, or "holopixels", oriented at different angles and arranged in a two-dimensional array. When illuminated with white light the holopixels break up the light into a spectrum of colors and redirect the light at various angles to form a kinetic hologram image.

Using our HI-2400 Holographic Imagesetter, we are able to control the angle, exposure, size, shape, and spacing of every holopixel in the hologram. Our ability to control these attributes allows the end-user a wide range of visual effects.

Features available on New Light Industries Dot-Matrix Holograms:

  • Multi Color and Full Color Images
  • Kinetic Effects
  • Holographic Microtext (as small as 12 microns in height)
  • Custom Shaped Holopixels (as small as 12 microns in height)
  • 3D Stereogram Images
  • Holopixel Resolutions from 500 to 3000 DPI
  • Holo Mosaic
  • Patented and Proprietary Security Features such as: Holographic Watermark, Dot Offset Encryption, Projected Images, and Machine Readable Codes

Please contact Marcy Cockle for further information or to request a quote.


Security hologram
(3D globe, multicolor
guilloche, microtext)

Security hologram
(multiple kinetic
effects, microtext)

Giftwrap (2D kinetic)

Decorative packaging
material (kinetic)

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